Pooja Agarwal

Current Work

I am currently working on the 3D Tele-immersive research enabling geographically distributed users to interact in real-time in common virtual world. Several exciting activities we have tried so far are collaborative gaming, remote dancing, physical therapy, virtual basketball for handicaps, Tai-Chi training and many more. Please visit TEEVE website http://cairo.cs.uiuc.edu/teleimmersion/ for more information and interesting demos.  

Research Projects

  • TEEVE: Tele-immersive Environment for EVErybody

  • HMedia: Holistic Multi-stream Environment for Distributed Immersive Applications

  • TCIP: Trustworthy Cyber Infrastructure for Power Grids

  • SELS: Secure Email List Services


  • University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign: Jan-May,2009
      Secure Authentication Protocol for Power Grids, under Dr. Himanshu Khurana
  • University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign: May-July,2008
      ITI Undergraduate Summer Intern Program (see the fun pic above) 
      Secure Email List Services (SELS), under Dr. Himanshu Khurana 
  • Indian Institute Of Technology Kanpur, India: May-July, 2007
      Global Illumination Invariant Background Subtraction for Video Surveillance,
      under Prof. K S Venkatesh
  • Indian Institute Of Technology Kanpur, India:Dec-Jan, 2006
      Iris and Fingerprint Recognition System, under Prof. Phanguni Gupta, IITK

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